Sažetak plenarnoga izlaganja

Victoria Ivashchenko,
Deputy Director for Scientific Work
Institute of Journalism of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University,
Doctor of Sciences in Phіlology,
Senior Researcher,
Professor of the Department of Publishing
President of the Terminological Commision under the International Commitee of Slavonic Scholars

Glossary of Terminology Terms

The presentation highlights the principles of compiling a multilingual Glossary of Terminology Terms at which the members of the Terminology Commission under the International Committee of Slavonic Scholars have been working since 2019. The monolingual dictionaries in the domain of terminology studies composed by B. Bessé, B. Nkwenti-Azeh, J. Sager (1997), S.V. Grinev (2000), the dictionary of a terminologist by G.G. Samburova (1990), the glossary of terminology terms edited by Yu. Lyukshin (2005) have also been analyzed. The classification status and format of the dictionary proposed for compilation are determined, the concept is developed, the purpose and tasks are defined, macro- and microstructure, main stages of work, a step-by-step compilation of the consolidated register, principles of selecting terminological equivalents and conceptual identification in different languages are described. Examples of different types of the dictionary entries and the matrix of compiling the dictionary entry of the term terminology according to the fixed structure are given.